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The website www.hassia-judaica.de shows formerly thriving Jewish life in the eastern parts of the state of Hessen in Germany and its destruction under Nazi rule. The essential parts are to be found under the titles Lebenswege (= Short Biographies), Orte (= Geographical Places) and Themen (= Themes). Since the 1990s the workgroup named Spurensuche ( = Searching for Traces) which I was in charge of at the Jakob-Grimm-Schule in Rotenburg on the Fulda had focussed its attention on local and regional Jewish history. The first steps of its multimedia realization were taken together with Karl-Heinz Riemenschneider and Christoph Becker as main administrators. After my retirement in 2003 I have worked at improving and extending the internet presence whose original title was www.ag-spurensuche.de. This has been done and is carried on in close cooperation with Pascal Dreher (s. b.) as partner and administrator. Growing up in the region and obtaining my Ph. D. at the Hessen State University of Marburg the history of my home state has been a life-long preoccupation of mine. For some time my interest and research was concentrated on antisemitic local and regional traditions. However, during the last two decades the study of former Jewish life in Rotenburg and its vicinity as well as the encounter with former Jewish citizens and their descendants has become the centre of my activities. The project is supported by a number of cultural and educational institutions. We very much hope to find someone to translate the texts into English. Are you the one we may contact to discuss this matter?

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